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Free Puzzles

Here you will find a selection of puzzle Italian activities that you can download, print, and solve at home.

Each Italian puzzle also has a solution for you to check later (no cheating!).

The puzzles are designed to help beginners pick up new words or intermediate students brush up on their Italian knowledge.

Go on… try a few and let me know how you get on.

printable italian word search about being at the park

Word Searches

The word searches have a list of Italian words below the grid, which you have to find in the grid.

Words can go in any direction: left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, diagonal up or down.

printable italian crossword about fashion

Freeform Crosswords

The freeform crosswords have the clues in Italian.

If you struggle with the Italian clues, you can always download the same crossword with the English clues.

However, the words to be found are always in Italian!

printable italian word scramble farm animals animali della fattoria

Word Scrambles

These are lists of words that have been scrambled, and your task is to place the letters in the correct order.

As they can be particularly challenging, I have designed them in two varieties: an easier one, and a more challenging one.

halloween italian word match

Word Matches

These come in two types.

The first one is about matching Italian words to English words, so it’s a straightforward translation activity.

The second one is about matching Italian words to other Italian words (by context).  

printable italian cryptogram quote from julius cesar


These are quotes from someone famous.

Your task is to replace the numbers in the puzzle with the correct letters, and reveal the quote.

For these you have the option of using some of the hints provided. 

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